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Jump Dunk

Jump Dunk

Discover the unique and intriguing Jump Dunk gameplay by properly putting the ball into the cup. Jump on the trampoline and pick a position to hurl the ball to score points. The game has numerous levels, and the difficulty gradually increases as you move deeper into the round. To add excitement, take on challenges with a range of diverse themes. To advance to the next hard level, simply throw the ball into the cup precisely. During the performance, competitors will appear. The increased competitiveness results in a true conflict.


  • The game changes the theme of each level and refreshes each task.
  • High-level, vivid colors cause aesthetic overwhelm.
  • The character must hop continually on the spring mattress while also throwing the ball. 
  • Use observation skills to determine the throw height for each distance from the cushion to the cup location.

How To Play

Click to make each shot of the ball into the cup. The throwing position is vital since you can make the throw several times until you finish the goal. Practice to get acclimated to and enhance your accurate throwing abilities.

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