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Hobo Speedster

Hobo Speedster

Hobo Speedster is an exciting two-dimensional platformer in which you will have to participate in extremely extreme motorcycle races. Ahead, you are waiting for many interesting levels. In each level, you need to rush through hilly roads at maximum speed to reach the finish line first. Be extremely careful and keep your balance. Otherwise, the competition will automatically disqualify and eliminate you. Use your driving skills to reach the finish line before your online opponents. 

Remember to collect gold coins, fuel tanks, and many other valuable items that will help you on your way. Activate the nitro boost to develop maximum speed in just seconds and stay ahead. Overcome the distance in record time and take first place on the leaderboard. By winning races, you will earn money to upgrade your bike's features. Increase your rank to unlock access to other cool bikes.

How To Play

Control the car easily by following on-screen instructions and using the arrow keys or AD key.

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