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Head Soccer Exclusive

Head Soccer Exclusive

The new football season is here, so join Head Soccer Exclusive right away to ensure you don't miss a single minute. It is simple to pick between competing against AI opponents or internet pals. Race against the clock and outscore your opponents to win. Advance to deeper rounds using talent and strategy. As soon as the match whistle blows, accelerate to control the ball and score. Is it easy to win in just one minute of competition? Start playing now to uncover the answers.

Flexible character control and quick reflexes allow you to lead players proactively. Attack the opponent's goal while protecting your field. In this thrilling virtual reality game, you can select your favorite playing country and realize your football goals.

How To Play

Player 1

The WASD keys provide for easy movement control, while the N and M keys are used to shoot.

Player 2

Using the arrow keys, shoot the ball into the goal with keys 1 and 2.

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