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Football Legends 2021 Game

Football Legends 2021 Game

Football Legends 2021 Game is a 2-player game that definitely cannot be missed in the sports theme. Compete in intense times to reach your goal of victory. Each game mode has two play style options for you: tournament and friendly. Select your players and cross-country opponents to get started. Each competing team has two members, which is really exciting. 

Outstanding features

  • The game has an innovative design with the participation of two teams of two members each.
  • There are two easy mode options to choose from: one-player games and two-player games. In each mode, there are different forms of play to choose from.
  • Easy, intuitive controls with your favorite players and countries of your choice.

How To Play

  • Player 1: Control every movement simply using the arrow keys and shoot when pressing the L key; super-shoot easily using the K key. 
  • Player 2: Smooth movement through the WASD keys; super shot by pressing the V key and clicking the B key to make the shot.

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