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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

The online web version of Flappy Bird is ready for you to take on the challenge. Pass through the gaps and successfully allow the bird to fly a long distance. When playing, don't let the pillars damage your status. Control the height in a rhythmic manner so that the character does not collide with the pillars. The gameplay is straightforward, but the challenge is not. Only images of birds and columns cover the full frame. Enter now and see if your success will last.

The game has appealing clicker gameplay in which all actions are carried out with just mouse clicks.The graphics are simple and straightforward, but the path is challenging.The column arrangement is also uneven and somewhat irregular. However, as a result of this, the width of the distance shifts from wide to narrow. It is ideal for feeling on the go.

How To Play

The game's mobile version has made it extremely popular. There is now an online version available for easier access. One click will cause the character to move up. Continue to click to advance faster. Slip through the gap with skill to finish the assignment successfully.

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