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Falling Ball

Falling Ball

Falling Ball challenges players to skillfully manage a ball as it descends vertical slopes across multiple platforms. Feeling inundated by the exceptionally high velocity of the rolling. Demands rapid reflexes to promptly alter the ball's trajectory. The thick layer of snow creates a challenging and memorable atmosphere. Is it straightforward to effectively address these cross-platform challenges? One can only understand the difficulties by starting and practicing.

Difficult game mechanics

The game's appeal is primarily based on its pace. As you descend further, the incline will become steeper, causing the ball to accelerate. Ramps and accelerators will be organized into compact segments to provide rapid access to the control point. Extreme caution is necessary, as a single misstep can result in failure. Strive to gather several present boxes containing diamonds to accumulate funds for purchasing new balls with distinctive impacts.

How To Play

It is simple to modify the ball's trajectory by using the mouse to point it towards the pedestal's position. Avoid allowing the ball to veer off course to prevent failure. Greater achievements come from longer journeys. Receive daily bonus points and fulfill objectives.

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