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Extreme Volleyball

Extreme Volleyball

Welcome to the high-energy world of Extreme Volleyball, a groundbreaking volleyball-themed game that breaks with convention. Players are thrown into heart-pounding action, taking on the roles of robot athletes. The main goal is nothing more than to detonate a bomb on the opponent's territory. Infuse the game with an explosive combination of strategy, agility, and calculated chaos.

Unique new gameplay

Set in a futuristic arena where metal titans clash with precision. Centered on the bomb, a game-changing twist that overturns the established principles of volleyball. Forget the familiar rhythm of serving and throwing the ball; players must skillfully control the bomb across the divided territory. Position yourself strategically to set off blasts towards your opponents. This requires a delicate balance between precision and timing.

Impressive features

  • Robot Players: In Extreme Volleyball, players take on the roles of robot athletes, adding a futuristic and otherworldly element to the game. These robot avatars demonstrate strength, agility, and precision. Contributes to the overall visual appeal and immersive experience.
  • Explosive gameplay: Unlike traditional volleyball, it replaces the ball with a bomb, changing the dynamics of gameplay. The main goal is to detonate a bomb on the opponent's territory, which is competitive.
  • Futuristic Arena: The game is set in a futuristic arena, creating an immersive and visually stunning environment for players. Bright and captivating landscapes, coupled with post-apocalyptic grandeur, contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

How To Play

Control the bombs using a combination of arrow keys and a space key.

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