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Baseball Pro

Baseball Pro

It is exciting to continue the journey to conquer Baseball Pro with accurate and decisive shots. Swing the club up and block, hitting the ball far away. The farther the distance, the higher the score received. The game requires absolute precision. Just be a little slow, and you will definitely receive the "Strike" icon. Success and failure happen in just a short time. Start discovering and fulfilling your role well.

The game simulates the actual competitive situation on the field. The rings have clear white lines separating them. The cheers of the audience in the stands will be more motivating for you to hit the ball accurately. Get high scores and set records.


  • The game received high popularity because of its interesting and unique gameplay.
  • Authentically describes the rules of the famous baseball game.
  • Sound and image combine smoothly.
  • The players' movements all follow the correct standards when hitting and throwing the ball.

How To Play

It is as simple as one click at the right time to swing the club and hit the ball. Get a high score corresponding to the strength of your shot. The farther the ball goes, the better your skill.

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