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Drift Rider

Drift Rider

Show off your ingenuity in Drift Rider, a thrilling 3D drifting world where skillful maneuvers and strategic driving earn you points. A series of supercars are ready for you to unlock and start. The street's realistic 3D design opens up an exciting journey of discovery. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating feeling of drifting through familiar street corners. Train and improve your car driving skills online. The route transforms through bustling city streets or along stretches of highway. Challenge your limits and see how many achievement points you get.

Impressive features

  • Many types of vehicles can be easily unlocked and upgraded through points received.
  • Return to the familiar drifting genre with simple controls but interesting challenges.
  • Realistic building graphics and driving physics are as realistic as participating in real traffic.

How To Play

  • Navigate the car using the WASD keys or Arrow keys.
  • Brake with the space key.
  • Reset the vehicle by pressing the R key.
  • Magnify the screen with the P key.
  • Change the camera view with the C key.

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