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Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket offers a playground for insects with engaging gameplay suitable for all ages. It simulates the rules of cricket, making it suitable for training quick reflexes. Players take on the role of becoming professional batsmen.

At the beginning of the game, you can easily see that the character you control is a cricket. Your opponents are snails. They throw the ball towards you, and the target is to hit the ball and move it far away. The score increases with increasing distance. Take caution not to allow the ball to strike the three sticks directly behind you. Practice mentally and hit the ball with accuracy.


  • The game has a new and familiar visual style with animal themes as the main theme.
  • The stadium simulation includes crickets, competing snails, and other insects as cheering spectators.
  • Throwing the ball requires precise timing to have the right amount of force to hit. Create good contact points for the ball and stick so the ball flies far.
  • Hold the club steady and wait for the moment to swing it.

How To Play

The cricket position is always ready; just one click will swing the bat to hit the ball. Create a flight path for the ball with perfect visibility. Achieve record high scores and improve cricket achievements.

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