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City Bike Racing Champion

City Bike Racing Champion

City Bike Racing Champion introduces fascinating professional simulation racing with exciting high-speed competitions. Successfully avoid obstacles and dangers, overcome opponents, and cross the finish line first. Perform spectacular jumps and acrobatics to test your reflexes and discover a mysterious environment. Participate in an exciting tournament featuring top riders from across the world.

Outstanding features

  • You will face ten unique levels in which you must defeat all of your opponents.
  • Change from a bike to a powerful sports motorcycle and make your opponents swallow the dust beneath their wheels.
  • Many designed traps and impediments add to the difficulty, so be cautious and skilled in avoiding them.

How To Play

Player 1

  • Move = WASD
  • Jump = Q
  • Revived = S
  • Change camera view = C
  • Open parachute = Z

Player 2

  • Move = arrow keys
  • Jump = J
  • Revive = U
  • Change camera view =K
  • Open parachute = P

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