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Cage Busters: Slingshot Heroes

Cage Busters: Slingshot Heroes

Cage Busters: Slingshot Heroes require precise targeting and shooting skills to successfully unlock cages. Prepare to use the elastic slingshot to fire as many colored balls as possible into the same-hued holes. It sounds simple, but hitting the cage requires quickness and agility. Many levels of increasing difficulty are enjoyable. Avoid obstacles along the route, and strike the cages as often as necessary. Are you ready to embark on an adventure trip to release charming animals from their cages?

How To Play

Players must shoot strategically, dodge obstructions, and keep hitting the cages. The game has a succession of increasingly difficult stages that require precision and expertise to complete. As the player continues, the obstacles become increasingly challenging. Consider the angle and force of the shot. The assignments will become more fascinating and challenging as more levels are accomplished successfully.


Each shooting position necessitates a specific pulling force. Take action using the mouse.

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