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Board Soccer

Board Soccer

Board Soccer is an exciting strategy game that pits AI opponents with precise ball-shooting strategies on the board. Each player on the board is arranged according to an even movement distance. Bring the ball to your side to shoot towards your opponent and successfully remove the ball from the board. The team wins when they successfully make all of their opponents' shadows disappear. 

New but attractive gameplay

The game is really simple to play, as you just need to put your ball exactly equal to your opponent's ball. The stronger the force of shooting the ball, the higher the rate of pushing the opponent's ball off the board. You can choose where the ball moves to successfully eliminate multiple opponents at the same time. Quick hands and quick eyes to ensure both good defense and quick, accurate attacks. 

Outstanding features

  • The game is based on a combination of the sport of football and the strategic play of Chinese chess.
  • Simple interface design and attractive gameplay attract players to participate.
  • Train your thinking ability and strategic planning to defeat your opponents.

How To Play

Drag the mouse to move the ball in the right direction and successfully push it towards the opponent. Collide with the opposite ball, successfully keep your ball on the board, and gain better dominance.

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