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Basketball Strike

Basketball Strike

Basketball Strike simulates a live basketball game on a court with competing players. Win the ball and sprint to the opponent's court, shooting up the basket with precision. You can play for free in the gym with your teammates and execute coordinated operations. Carry out the general task of dribbling the ball into your hands and skillfully throwing it into the basket of your opponent. The famous NBA tournament is expanding, and you can participate in order to win the prized trophy.


  • The game includes moves like stealing the ball, running, jumping, and hitting the ball into the basket.
  • There are players on the stamp as well as the opposite team.
  • Prevent opponents from stealing the ball and makes it easier for teammates to throw the ball to score goals.
  • The music effects and sights are quite realistic and quickly merge together in the stands.

How To Play

Move the mouse to allow the character to run around to different spots. Run rapidly towards your opponent and score to win the ball. Many levels appear, ready to be challenged.

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