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Basketball Stars 1vs1

Basketball Stars 1vs1

Basketball Stars 1vs1 is really attracting a lot of attention among fans of the famous basketball sport. There are many exciting one-on-one matches. Such competition heightens the excitement of each match. The environment taking place for each match is characterized by a street full of personality. Compete with your opponents and show off all your skills for each accurate throw.

If you want to discover how a basketball match plays out, Basketball Stars 1vs1 is the best answer. The only goal to achieve is to throw the ball accurately into the basket. As long as you don't let the ball fall out each time you throw, your score will definitely be high. Stay ahead of your opponents and receive bonuses for each winning match.

Connecting point

  • The game simulates an American-style street basketball playground.
  • Many different throwing angles vary widely and flexibly for players.
  • Practice accurate ball-throwing skills to win against your opponents with a perfect score.
  • Many levels are available, with diverse competition rules waiting for you to unlock and explore.

How To Play

Throw the ball with moderate force to successfully hit the ball into the basket. Each ball's movement depends heavily on how you swipe the mouse. Don't let the ball fall out to keep the record for yourself.

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