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Upin Ipin Sepak Bola

Upin Ipin Sepak Bola

Upin Ipin Sepak Bola is really fun when participating in a one-on-one competition with a robot opponent on the field. The game is a combination of two famous sports, football and volleyballPlayer characters can be selected before starting the match. A whistle blew, signaling the official start of the match. Let the character move and get used to the movements. Each header touches the ball to control the ball into the opponent's court. The rule of Upin Ipin Sepak Bola is that the side that scores more points wins.


  • Opponent: Your character will fight against the CPU player, so of course the difficulty is not completely easy.
  • Time: Each match has a certain time limit. Therefore, the more points scored, the higher the winning rate.
  • Rules: The game has the field design of soccer and the rules of passing the ball. Hit the ball to your opponent's court and block it so it doesn't land in your own court.

How to play

  • Control the character to move forward or backward using the left and right arrow keys.
  • The character easily jumps to the ball using the space key.
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