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Super Hero Driving School

Super Hero Driving School

You can unlock crazy tracks and test your driving skills in Super Hero Driving School, which takes you to a world full of unique superhero cars. Feel the thrill of top speed on an exciting racing ride. You can drive without stopping, do somersaults while avoiding a lot of moving obstacles, and unlock character cars. Don't hit anything on the road, wear your seat belt, and enjoy this amazing 3D journey!

A lot of fun tasks

You can learn to drive and even drive super-hero cars. Drive, fly, and do stunts on a bunch of crazy tracks with different character cars. Get access to a lot of bright tracks that will test your driving skills. But be careful, because bad things can happen to anyone, even superheroes. Put on your seat belts and get ready for a great time!

Impressive traits

  • Multiple superhero cars: You can unlock more than one superhero car and drive them on crazy tracks for a thrill.
  • Tracks with lots of color: You can unlock a lot of tracks with lots of color to test your driving skills. You should speed up as much as possible on steep hills.
  • Driving and flying: Things will get in the way while you're moving, so you have to fly the car.

How To Play

The car can be moved along the road by clicking the left mouse button. If you like this type of race, you should definitely take part.

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