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Strike It!

Strike It!

Strike It! is an exciting strategy game where you need to hit the ball so that everyone falls down. Go through various map designs to unlock more difficult levels. Each time the ball is successfully knocked down, everyone will receive a strike. Use your ingenuity and strategy to discover more of the fun of the game.

Impressive features

  • There are a variety of captivating map designs, with difficulty varying according to terrain and player placement.
  • The rules of the game are similar to the famous sport of bowling.
  • Use your ingenuity and meticulous strategy to conquer the various hurdles each level presents.

Tips to play

  • Aim for accuracy: When hitting the ball, focus on precision and accuracy to ensure that it reaches the desired target. Accuracy in your shots will maximize the impact of the ball and increase your chances of success.
  • Observe map designs: Take time to carefully study different map designs as you progress through the game. Each level presents a unique map layout with different challenges and obstacles. Understanding the intricacies of each map will allow you to develop effective strategies.
  • Unlock levels: Progress in the game and unlock increasingly difficult levels by successfully hitting the ball. As you progress to more challenging stages, be prepared to adjust your strategy and use more finesse.

How To Play

Pull the ball in many different directions to create momentum for a strong and decisive throw. The more people fall, the more good thinking is seen in the strategy of determining the path of the ball.

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