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Stickman Tennis 3D

Stickman Tennis 3D

Stickman Tennis 3D opens up competition with many options in the famous tennis tournament. Prepare full skills and knowledge in each form of choice: training, quick match, tournament, and customization. Perform the task of hitting the ball while controlling the character moving on the football field. The challenge is creative and novel, but it still uses the rules of tennis.

Through competition modes, you will be trained to improve your skills. This subject not only requires talent but also practice. You can easily practice hitting the ball right away with Stickman Tennis 3D. The gane is designed with complete training equipment and standard equipment for a professional tennis player.

How To Play

  • Move the character flexibly to positions on the field when controlling the WASD keys.
  • Volley when pressing the C key and Slice when pressing the X key
  • Click the Z key to perform the lob move.

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