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Speedy Golf

Speedy Golf

Speedy Golf is a game that requires high precision and precise hitting power to put the ball into the exact hole. Make consecutive shots and score points with the least number of position changes. Golf is a sport that is gradually becoming familiar and no longer strange to everyone. However, it is still favored as a "noble sport" because the cost of playing is quite high. The game of golf is famous for its uniqueness and difficult technique. Speedy Golf accurately simulates the action of the famous sport. Players can easily change their character's appearance and perform shots with different strengths. The goal, of course, is to move the ball into a fixed hole.

Outstanding Features

  • Speedy Golf allows players to change the character's hitting position.
  • Easily customize the power of each swing.
  • Realistic simulation of lawn design
  • Designing the standard outfit for the sport of golf

How to play

The game allows the player to perform all actions based on the use of the mouse and on-screen instructions.

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