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Skydom Reforged

Skydom Reforged

Enchanting puzzle adventure with Skydom Reforged, a vibrant game of the match-3 genre with truly unique game modes. Connecting identical blocks vertically or horizontally opens up a series of exciting challenges. Experience the beauty of a truly novel, captivating game design with vibrant colors.

Launch of a unique Match 3 game mode

In Skydom Reforged, players are introduced to a diverse range of match-3 game modes. Each mode offers a distinct twist on the classic puzzle format. The player is exposed to levels with unique settings, stunning effects, and unpredictable obstacles.

Master the art of connection

Connect identical blocks and make them gradually disappear from the color palette. By strategically linking blocks vertically or horizontally. Players can witness these identical blocks disappear from the board. The gameplay mechanics require keen observation.

Decode mission requirements

Observe the task requirements, as these are key to achieving success. The dynamic nature of the missions ensures that players are constantly engaged and adapting to each new objective.

How To Play

Drag blocks of the same color into one position together to make them gradually disappear. Successfully complete the mission to receive the key to the next level.

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