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Skibidi Toilet Basketball

Skibidi Toilet Basketball

Skibidi Toilet Basketball is a new game with unexpected fun and unusual gameplay. Prepare yourself for an unusual encounter and score with a precise toss.

The rules are the same as in a basketball game. The sole need is that the character be thrown into the toilet correctly. Just listen to that; isn't it amusing? It is certainly indispensable to set up the obstacles that need to be overcome to be able to score. The more you play, the better your abilities and results become. The game requires smart thinking, quick reflexes, and pinpoint accuracy. Skibidi Toilet Basketball is a one-of-a-kind arcade experience. Another consideration is that the toilet may not always be standing. Aiming and throwing must be done with care. Unlock new skills. Graphic design with the main summer beach. You will fall in love with this idle game.

How to play

As you toss the target, drag it at the proper angle.