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Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer

Shaolin Soccer exposes players to more diverse and innovative gameplay with a soccer sports theme. Create a path for the ball to reach the target position and successfully knock down the opponent. Each round can only make one shot. Therefore, it is necessary to create a strategy to successfully create a moving ball that can collide with all targets. Get ready to take on an exciting challenge with more advanced levels. 

Attractive, diverse gameplay

Usually soccer games require kicking the ball straight into the goal and scoring. However, in the game Shaolin Soccer, you need to shoot the ball to knock down the goals. Create a zigzag path so that the ball hits all points. The game is actually more tactical. 


  • Creativity in gameplay and missions for kicking challenges.
  • Obstacles appear as you progress deeper into the game.
  • Beautiful graphics provide a better view when participating in challenges.

How To Play

Drag the path for the ball to move through using the mouse.

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