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Run and Shoot: GOAL!

Run and Shoot: GOAL!

Run and Shoot: GOAL! presents players with the intriguing challenge of avoiding contact with opponent players and obstacles. Because the track is not too big and easy to tumble out of, choose a suitable running speed.

The game is an intriguing combination of continuous running with a soccer theme. Many pre-set challenges await gamers to conquer. Play as a player, passing the ball past obstacles and kicking the ball into the goal.


  • Opponent: The opposing players are of different heights, and your teammates are constantly ready to dodge. The number of people appearing will vary based on the difficulty of the challenge. As you go through the stages, the number of opponents grows.
  • Obstacles: Obstacles are common in football. They are arranged in specific positions, and characters avoid them.
  • Track: Typically, the soccer field will be the primary setting for a soccer-themed game. By building extended runs, Run and Shoot: GOAL! has greater room for experimentation. The form of the grass field will remain the same, but the width will be adjusted to accommodate a long running track. Don't let the character run out.

How to play

Take action, use the arrow keys and the space bar. Feel free to shift courses to avoid obstructions.

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