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Rugby Kicks Game

Rugby Kicks Game

Get acquainted with the popular soccer game in America with the diverse gameplay of Rugby Kicks Game. Become a professional football player and win the NFL Cup with your teammates. Make accurate shots and score points for the home team. Each kick requires different power control. The game designs goalposts in flexible positions, far or near. On top of that, there are shields that prevent the ball from moving while making a pass. Each match has a maximum of three times when the ball goes out. When exceeded, it is definitely necessary to start again.

Since you are the one who determines the score, your skills will undoubtedly advance as you play more. An interesting thing in the game is that every time the ball is kicked, a player will run to perform the action. Realistic simulation of scenes on the actual playing field.

How to play

Click and drag the appropriate shave to adjust strength and weakness when kicking the ball.

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