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Rope Cut And Boom

Rope Cut And Boom

Rope Cut And Boom is a game that uses force in physics to complete missions. Cut the rope in the right position so that the bomb falls and explodes all the chests. The game setup is simple, with just a pair of scissors, 3D bombs, ropes, and chests. However, it is necessary to judge the direction before putting the bomb in a position that can blow them all up. This will, of course, be difficult to challenge. Use inertia when the 3D bomb falls and choose the correct time to remove the rope. Many levels with diverse placements of objects.

This game is built with an arcade theme; it is both simple and challenging. You can take advantage of the moment to win the challenge. Do it now to find out! Choose Penalty Challenge Multiplayer to explore more intriguing items if you enjoy sports games theme games.

How to play

Use the mouse to drag the scissors to cut the rope.

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