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Rocket Odyssey

Rocket Odyssey

A thrilling Rocket Odyssey adventure awaits you as you embark on a journey between the stars. Control the rocket ship to move through ice pillars without touching obstacles. A simple but highly addictive game that is truly a great choice for free time. Fly your own rocket through unexplored territories and encounter mesmerizing celestial wonders. Get ready to be fascinated by the immersive atmosphere and engaging gameplay.

Each destination has its own challenges and rewards. Go through the void to successfully move far away. Skillfully maneuver your way through a dynamic and ever-changing obstacle course. The height of the gaps changes unexpectedly, so quick reflexes are needed.


  • Navigate tight spaces, dodge incoming objects, and show off your ship control skills.
  • Concentration is the key to success when it comes to easily reacting in time.
  • The game's flexible difficulty system ensures there is always a challenge appropriate to your level.
  • Rocket Odyssey's stunning visuals and captivating soundtrack will transport you to the far reaches of the galaxy.

How To Play

Use the mouse to steer the train smoothly for each rhythmic up-and-down movement. Successfully overcome the gap and complete the mission excellently.

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