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Pokey Ball Jumper

Pokey Ball Jumper

Enjoy the fun of Pokey Ball Jumper, where you go on a mission to raise the ball to the highest level. Open treasure chests with high-jump balls. Game designed with up to 50 levels ready for you. How to bring the ball up with high jumps? Pull as hard as you can to increase the bounce. The column is surrounded by many obstacles with different distances. Use the needle to plug into the pole as a point for the ball to jump. Position the ball quickly before they fall. Do not let the needle touch the obstacle, or it is very easy to have to start the game from the beginning.

This game is really fun. It also takes skill to have sharp reflexes. The treasure is at the top. Come and take it right now. If you enjoy Crossbar Challenge sports-themed video games, you should explore more fascinating topics.

How to play

Control the bouncing ball easily with the mouse.