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Mystic Neon Ball

Mystic Neon Ball

Play around on each keyboard with its own music and jump across platforms while tapping the Mystic Neon Ball screen. A vibrant neon world with attractive urban landscape design is ready for you to challenge. Navigate the ball to keep moving forward without letting the spikes stop you. Rely on the rhythm to create a smooth dance step and not fall down.Time and precision are the keys to unlocking success. The gameplay is simple but attractive enough, with diverse challenges. Each journey is in a different space. Players get lost in the brilliance of neon colors. The farther the journey, the higher the points received. Will you easily succeed with challenges and threats? Only when you start will you find the answer.

How To Play

Each unique music track is waiting for you to unlock. Each touch of the ball will make a distinct sound. Click continuously so that the ball has a synchronized rhythmic dance. Even a small deviation will definitely lead to failure. Guide the ball through the platform maze with precise timing skills.

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