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Mien Bugr Skate

Mien Bugr Skate

Are you ready to embark on the Mien Bugr Skate journey with a companion on a skateboard? Accompany two buddies on the difficult walk home. The 3D setting lends reality to the journey. On their boards, two characters move at the same time. Your job is to keep them under control so they may overcome obstacles and return home safely.


  • The game is a 2-player arcade game with a high level of difficulty and challenge.
  • Two characters must control each other at the same time to conquer obstacles and proceed to the next road.
  • The mode of transportation employed is a skateboard, making it simple to complete the sport's skills.
  • Obstacles emerge in various areas, and you must conquer them in order to complete the task.

How To Play

Two characters can move at the same time using the arrow keys and WASD.

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