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King Boxing 2024

King Boxing 2024

Prepare to unleash powerful punches and avoid your opponents' strikes in the King Boxing 2024 arena. The game recreates the fast and exhilarating sport of boxing. Choose from eight tough character fighters, each with their own skills and fighting style. Navigate the triumphant character through the ranks of many arenas. A strong blend of strategy, rapid reflexes, and accurate timing. Manage the player's attacks and defenses efficiently. Strike at the right moment to increase your chances of winning. Maintain your stamina to vanquish your opponents. Learn how to read your opponent's motions and attack to score points.

How To Play

Fight your way to the top and be the boxing champion. Master the controls: use WASD to move, Z to attack, and C to protect. Enjoy the action-packed gameplay. Learn about the regulations of professional boxing competitions.

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