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Jinn Dash

Jinn Dash

Jinn Dash, where an enchanting adventure awaits as you command a mystical magic carpet in a dizzying game of reflexes. Prepare to embark on an enthralling adventure through a series of levels, each filled with countless challenges and obstacles. Use pads accurately and maneuverable to block balls and break down walls. Navigate the magic carpet to retrieve the ball, skillfully making your way through the maze of tiles.

A series of exciting levels

With each level increasing in difficulty, Jinn Dash offers a series of mesmerizing levels. Use the magic carpet skillfully; don't let the ball fall out too much. The mission can only be successful when you break all the tiles on the screen. The arrangement of the brick walls varies, with each level increasing in difficulty.

Tip to win the game

Controlling the magic carpet serves as the crux of your journey. To control the carpet and the ball, you must skillfully pass through countless bricks. Avoid dangerous obstacles while navigating a series of ever-evolving levels. The trajectory of each level unfolds like a fascinating dance, inviting you to chart a skillful path.

How To Play

The enthralling journey elevates the classic, groundbreaking-style arcade game to new heights. The game's increasing difficulty delivers a refined narrative of exploration, immersing you in a hybrid pursuit. Easily move the platform with the left and right arrow keys. You should observe the rebound point so that the ball successfully breaks as many bricks as possible in each collision.

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