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Gully Baseball

Gully Baseball

Gully Baseball launches an intriguing challenge to see who can smash the most window glass in a high-rise building. With each throw, swing the club and hit the ball precisely. The game has never been more competitive. It's both your turn and your opponent's turn. Because the balls are thrown parallel to each other, swinging the club to hit must be accurate every second. When you succeed, the points you earn will give you a chance to win.


  • AI opponents are genuinely a task worth preparing for in order to win.
  • The greater the force with which the baseball is struck, the greater the chance of obtaining a score while successfully breaking the adjacent glass pane.
  • The individual with the highest score wins and demonstrates his ability.
  • Realistic 3D simulation graphics of nearby high-rise buildings

How To Play

When you need to swing the club to hit the ball, click. Display the likelihood of hitting accurately with each pitch.

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