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Golf Battle

Golf Battle

Golf Battle brings intense moments of competition when hitting the ball into the hole with the fewest shots. The score you get depends on the number of shots you make. Race against the clock in two minutes, completing as many successful hole-in-one goals as possible. Play a lot and understand the power control rules for each shot. Calculate the correct tilt to increase the rate at which the ball enters the hole with the fewest number of shots. Become a master of online golf.

How To Play

Get ready to enjoy a unique golf tournament. Avoid hitting the ball with too much or too little force. Enjoy the unique 3D environment with all the attractive ball angles. Take on more captivating challenges and formidable obstacles to demonstrate your abilities. Practice a lot and become a professional golfer.


Navigate the action through mouse control to make shots. Will your score break the record? Play now and find the answer!

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