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Free The Ball

Free The Ball

Free The Ball is a simple yet addictive puzzle game that challenges players to guide a ball to a goal by moving blocks around. You can play this game for hours and hours because it has 3,000 levels. You will be able to play new levels and tasks as you finish old ones. This makes the game interesting and new, so you'll never get tired of it.

Simple but appealing games

You have to make a way for the ball to get to the target without hitting anything. It might sound easy at first, but as you move through the levels, the problems get harder and more complicated. You will have to use your reasoning and ability to fix issues to get past the things that are in your way.

How To Play

The game is the best choice because it has simple but fun gameplay, features that can be unlocked, and images that look good. With click-to-place, it is easy to move blocks around.

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