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Foot Star

Foot Star

Foot Star, with 30 hard levels, is ready for enthusiasts to practice accurate soccer skills. The game requires more than just shooting the ball and scoring points; you must also gather three stars. Furthermore, barriers enhance the difficulty of each challenge, allowing players to improve their talents more effectively. It is simple to get acclimated to, but completing the goal isn't always easy. The power and direction of the shot determine its effectiveness. Shoot the ball into the goal while avoiding obstacles like boxes and explosives.


  • Shoot the ball precisely into the goal, earn stars, and complete all achievements in the game.
  • With 30 levels, the struggle becomes increasingly harder as the game advances, introducing new obstacles.
  • Beautiful graphics paired with the ball's fluid movement make for visually appealing gaming.

How To Play

Drag the mouse to practice solid-ball control.

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