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Falling Party

Falling Party

Let's practice quick reflexes and quick hands and defeat all online opponents to become the winner in the Falling Party. Observe the image that appears and look for matching answers on the ground. You can easily be eliminated if you step on the wrong image. This game promotes concentration, carefulness, and good reflexes. Each time the image changes, the plane is disturbed. Duplicate photos will stay the same, and other photos will gradually disappear from the platform. Compete against intense online opponents. Compete with each other for every second of time.

How To Play

The graphic design is really bright, with fresh color tones. Each character has a unique color. The time taken for each picture matching takes place as quickly as every second. At the end of a picture is the time of gradual elimination. The winner is the one who correctly matches all the images and survives at the end. Are you a winner? Control splicing characters with simple mouse movements.

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