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Dune Surfer 3D

Dune Surfer 3D

Participate in the speed race, Dune Surfer 3D, by controlling the ball through circles. Collect gold bonuses and travel long distances without collapsing. All acts are flying away and diving deep into the path. Maintain your spirit in order to get the ball through the gaps. The goal is to react quickly and successfully control the ball as it moves around the circles. The ball's and the obstacle's movement speeds are extremely fast, and they travel together. To guarantee safe advancement, the ball must be kept at a safe distance from the circle.

How To Play

Simply click the mouse, and the ball will move evenly to both sides. To avoid a collision, fast movements are required. Only by completely understanding the moving rules of the circles will you be able to successfully avoid them. Maintain a safe space between each contact.

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