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Doodle Jumping: Christmas

Doodle Jumping: Christmas

Doodle Jumping: Christmas is a joyful game that will take you on a journey. The game is all about hopping from one platform to the next without falling. The game is situated against a snowy backdrop, which adds to the festive atmosphere. A Christmas variant of the original Doodle Jump, which has long been a fan favorite.

The game is intended to be simple to learn but tough to master. The controls are easy, and all you have to do to move your avatar from one platform to another is tilt your tablet. This game is suitable for people of all ages and is a terrific way to spend time with your family during the holidays.

The various difficulties will keep you engrossed for hours. You must battle monsters dressed as elves and Christmas trees. Gather gifts while avoiding monsters with icy breath. The game also includes tools and things, such as frozen springs, that require double-hopping. You can also find them in gifts that are hidden.

How To Play

The graphics in the game are stunning, and the music is cheerful, adding to the whole experience. This game is ideal for anyone looking to get into the Christmas spirit while also having some fun and festive action. In this exhilarating carnival atmosphere, use arrow keys to jump between platforms.

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