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Deuce Hit! Tennis

Deuce Hit! Tennis

Have you ever tried tennis? Deuce Hit! Tennis prepares athletes to compete against opponents from other countries. Only two goals are required to advance to the next round. Wimbledon, the world's oldest award, awaits you with a gold medal. The players that hold this event record the most times are William Renshaw, Pete Sampras, and Roger Federer. Deuce Hit! Tennis to improve your hitting ability. Tennis necessitates not only keen observation but also rapid reflexes. Defeat your opponent by scoring an absolute goal.

Distinctive features

  • A colorful and attractive 3D design game
  • Game regulations that replicate real tennis events, and free to play. 
  • Players who score two goals or more first can advance to the next round.

How to play

Using the mouse, you can easily control the character as he runs or hits the ball.

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