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Copa Toon

Copa Toon

Copa Toon opens up a diverse soccer-themed game screen with exciting tournaments to compete in with opponents. Easily compete and choose the form according to your preferences, such as a leaderboard for tournaments. Besides, when playing, you also collect points after each victory to unlock many other competition modes. Team soccer matches require smooth coordination, which will definitely make you excited. 

Attractive, diverse gameplay

The game opens up and allows for more diversity in tactical play. Rhythmic and tactical coordination is what creates success for each match. Create good passing lanes for members to control the ball easily. Overcome the defensive barrier and attack straight towards the goal. Make accurate shots to win points and receive gold as a victory reward.

Outstanding features

  • Easy access to diverse forms of play with smooth coordination.
  • Get coin rewards and unlock character skins as well as playgrounds and competitions.
  • Experience the realism of every realistic virtual soccer play.

How To Play

Control the character's movements to perform dribbles and movements to perform shots. All movements are done with the arrow keys and space keys.

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