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Candy Rain 8

Candy Rain 8

Candy Rain 8 is an exciting jewel game that beckons players into a realm of sweet indulgence, strategic puzzle solving, and a new level of Match 3. You will find yourself caught up in a series of levels. Enchanting levels of entertaining puzzles combine to form a dynamic and engaging landscape. This game offers an ever-expanding quest with over 4000 puzzle levels that require acumen.

Attractive color graphics

The sheer abundance of puzzle levels promises an endless journey. Each level is a fun opportunity to show off your puzzle-solving abilities and enjoy the satisfaction of completing the goal. Explore a landscape filled with countless sweets, each bringing a fun twist to the Match 3 game. As you trade sweets to collect them, you will discover the joy of unlocking multiple levels, more candy, and more waffles.


  • The only Match 3 game with eight lucky sequels promises an unprecedented journey of candy conquest.
  • Countless levels, candies, and waffles while charting a course through a fun-filled saga map full of surprises and rewards.
  • Match candies of the same color in rows to successfully disappear from the board.

How To Play

Strategic ingenuity and countless combination possibilities. An enchanting journey through a kaleidoscope of confectionary delights and embracing puzzle game energy. You should definitely find out now, with tons of exciting upgrade levels. Drag to put the candies in a row.

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