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Black Jump

Black Jump

Black Jump helps you conquer achievements by challenging your observation skills, reflexes, and timing accuracy. Continuously jump across blocks with unevenly spaced spaces. Adapt to the fast and slow movement of the black ball. If you are a fan of pink and black backgrounds, then this is a great choice. 

Famous arcade genres

When it comes to this game, it's easy to see the simple design but challenging gameplay. The entire journey of the ball follows one main color tone throughout. The black shadow rolls with increasing speed on the characteristic pink background. The platforms appear gradually, so the timing of jumping is really important. Each beat is like gliding on a keyboard. Listen to the sounds of the music, the sound of each jump, and the clicking sound.

How To Play

Controls in this genre of game are really simple, using the mouse. Each jump is performed through the process of observation, reflection, and choosing the moment to perform the action. I wish you a happy experience on this new journey.

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