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Basketball Fever

Basketball Fever

Basketball Fever allows you to experience the exhilaration of shooting a basketball into a hoop in a spectacular stadium setting. Facing ever-increasing challenges. How many points in a row can you score? Hit the basket, score three points, and become a basketball superstar! Participate in the basketball competition by shooting the ball and attempting to score as many points as possible. It is time to showcase your basketball shooting abilities!

Impressive features

  • The position of effectively tossing the ball into the basket allows for a great deal of freedom in the game.
  • Practice often to enhance your throwing abilities and get points with each throw.
  • When the ball goes out, the quest fails, and you must restart.

How To Play

Aim your basketball toward the hoop with your mouse. Click or tap to fire. The better your aim, the more baskets you'll score. Aim for the middle of the hoop to receive the most points.

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