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Basketball AllStars

Basketball AllStars

Basketball AllStars is continuing its journey to expand the diversity of the two-player genre in the popular basketball sport. Choose one of three modes: 1 player, 2 players, quick match, and get started. Players with diverse interface designs will definitely make you excited. Start the group stage and defeat your opponents with overwhelming scores. Is it easy to complete the task and win the title of excellent player within 60 seconds? The match is exciting because the character can perform the direct actions of stealing the ball, jumping, and throwing the ball. 

There are diverse selection modes, and the game also develops attractive competition forms. Let's explore:

  • Tournament: The game features exciting plays, dunks, and three-point shots. This time-limited form creates more interesting competition. Indispensable if you haven't tried this competition challenge.
  • Random match: Players will receive diverse forms of competition. There will probably be many methods of randomization.
  • Training: Surely this mode is for you to practice your throwing skills more. Alternate positions to perform throws to improve your level.

How To Play

  • Move by clicking the left and right arrow keys.
  • Jump up to prepare for the throw with the up arrow key.
  • Block the ball to prevent the opponent from robbing you while the hood is up.
  • Steal the ball or throw the ball when pressing the X key.
  • Actually perform the super shot by pressing the Z key.

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