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2D Basketball Runner

2D Basketball Runner

2D Basketball Runner with the exciting strategic challenge of moving the ball straight forward and successfully jumping over gaps. Many diverse levels open up great skill challenges. Is it easy to conquer the traps? Don't let the ball roll down, or the mission will fail. It will not be easy to control the movement. Practice a lot and be realistic when adjusting the direction of movement.

Tips to play

You really need to get used to it first to know how to control gravity and balance the ball well. Move up and perform a precise jump. The difficulty of the challenges gradually increases, which means your skills also need to improve. Once you are familiar with the way of moving, you will definitely navigate proficiently.

How To Play

Game controls are simple and easy. Just hold the left mouse button on the ball and choose how you want the ball to move. Based on physics rules to overcome all gaps. Synchronous gameplay integrates simple graphics that focus well on intuitive controls.

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