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100 Monster Escape Room

100 Monster Escape Room

Is there anything mysterious inside 100 Monster Escape Room for you to venture out and explore? Let's start the journey, escape the sight of monster opponents, and unlock the mysterious room. Observe your surroundings and be sensitive to detecting hints. The layout of the room varies, so it is definitely necessary to find a successful escape method.Every day, it is possible to explore this crazy maze and find the way out. Race against time to avoid being overtaken by monsters. Good observational ability, quick reflexes, and good thinking certainly bring you closer to victory. Clues can appear in any location, so take advantage. Think logically and unlock each obstacle to explore the exciting room.

How To Play

  • Observe your surroundings easily with the mouse.
  • Control the character with WASD keys.
  • Press the hand button on the screen to interact with the game.

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