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Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games

Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games

Worm Out: Brain Teaser Games promises excitement as you eliminate terrible parasites from the delicious fruits. Take part in an intriguing puzzle game. Save the lives of fruits and vegetables that dangerous bugs have ravaged. Consider every move you make and address any pests that threaten your produce. Each level delivers a unique challenge that tests your logic and strategic thinking. Determine which caterpillars deserve to become gorgeous butterflies and which others should be condemned to jail. It is new and intriguing.

How To Play

The worms become increasingly smart and devious as you progress through the levels. They are tough to locate because they are in complex shapes and expertly navigate around obstructions. Depending on the level of difficulty, you will be presented with various pest-removal options. Use the appropriate tools to ensure successful task completion.


Control the gadget for easy worm removal with mouse navigation.

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