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Soccer Dash

Soccer Dash

Achieve successfully scoring the ball into your opponent's goal in Soccer Dash; devise a strategy; and overcome the defenses of the defenders and goalkeepers. Do whatever you can to help your squad score the rival team's goal. Are you ready to test your abilities as a professional soccer player? Chase and hit the ball swiftly to avoid hazards and players that will obstruct your path to victory. Observe the field and avoid striking anything that may impede you from reaching your goal. Enjoy a football match that is unlike anything you've seen before.

A fun skill-based sports game in which you must dribble past all of the defenders. Successfully place the ball in the goal and score points. You may expect 25 entertaining levels of varying difficulty.

How To Play

Hold down the left mouse button to adjust the direction and severity of the impact. As soon as the cursor arrow appears on the screen, carefully examine the scenario and decide which direction the ball should move. Make maneuvers that will mislead defenders and goalkeepers, allowing you to easily score goals. Avoid sharp circular saws, spinning blades, and other impediments that could cause you to lose.

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