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Strax Ball 3D

Strax Ball 3D

Open up the world of Strax Ball 3D to an engaging 3D game experience and embark on a thrilling journey with many exciting levels. Use your observation skills and sharp reflexes to successfully jump the ball to the bottom position.


The truly impressive part of Strax Ball 3D is the beautiful 3D effects. Each click shows images of broken fragments and colored bars gradually disappearing. The difficulty gradually increases so that you can explore a variety of levels to your satisfaction. What you should absolutely not do in the challenge is let the ball jump into the black bar. Once this happens, mission failure is certain.


  • Many levels with diverse challenges and flexible difficulty
  • Easy to control and get used to without difficulty for new players
  • Outstanding colors and beautiful 3D graphics with good effects create depth.

How To Play

Navigate the ball through complex levels, making sure it doesn't come into contact with other colors. This simple yet ingenious rule creates a complex maze of challenges that the player must skillfully overcome. Click and get it started right away.

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